Why to buy a lifted truck

There are multiple reasons of why people will tell you to buy a lifted truck, or not to. We all know that when you pass a $60,000 truck in a parking lot it is going to turn heads. Lifted trucks are nice, but there are a few things to look out for before purchasing. 

When lifting a truck and putting larger tires on it, you are guaranteed to lose gas mileage. For the average truck owner, gas isn’t a huge deal being they knew they would pay more for gas before buying the truck. Yes, everyone loves the sound of diesel trucks, but that is also more expensive than regular gas. 

Buying pre-lifted or lifting it to your specifications. When a customer is looking to buy a pre-lifted truck, they are probably doing so to save money. If you buy pre-lifted rather than buying the parts and having someone install it, you are saving yourself a huge sum of money. Brand new parts are nice, but they aren’t worth it when you can find the same thing for $1000 cheaper and only a couple hundred miles on it. The benefits to lifting it yourself are that you can choose everything you want, rather than buying one with everything thrown on it previously. 

Do I buy a new truck, or find a used one? This is a common question among a customer in search of a truck. When buying lifted trucks in Orlando, or any vehicle at that, you lose value right when you drive it off the lot. On the other hand, when buying used, it has already lost that value, and you’re getting it for the lowered price, walking away with the win.

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